Castle Knight 4

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Knight Series

Castle Knight Series is a five-strong loudspeaker range delivering real-wood veneers with unique cabinet technology for radiant performance.

The Castle Knight Series consists of two standmount speakers and three floorstanders. The Knight 1 and Knight 2 are both two-way standmount designs, while the floorstanding Knight 3, Knight 4 and Knight 5 incorporate Castle’s proprietary TPT (Twin Pipe Technology) bass loading system, using the internal volume of the cabinet to extend bass response.

Knight 4

  • Floor T-Line

  • 130mm x 2 Woofer

  • 25mm Tweeter

  • 25-150W Recommended Amp. Power

  • 8 OhmsNominal Impedance

  • 90dB Sensitivity

  • 36Hz - 24kHz Freq. Response

  • 900 x 165 x 270mm

  • 12.5kg

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