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C 6 SE hoạt động như một loa Subwoofer  mở rộng cho hệ thống Loa COLLUM SE C6. Với bộ khuếch đại 800W tích hợp, C 6 SE có thể hoạt động như một loa siêu trầm độc lập để mở rộng phần âm trầm. Giúp nâng cao giãi trầm lên một mức cao hơn cho hệ thống âm thanh của bạn.


This low profile and self-powered subwoofer perfectly enhances your C6 column system, but can also be operated in standalone mode with other equipment you already own.

It is powered by an 800 W class-D amplifier and can produce up to 128 dB max. SPL. It also features the same cunning DSP with extended dynamics processing, like its bigger brother.

By placing this device right below the dedicated column system, you get increased long throw capabilities of mids and highs, as you gain total system height. Additionally four slots in the cabinet‘s top surface ensure a perfect and secure fit of the topped subwoofer‘s rubber feet. Beware of the changing minimum distance to the audience though.

A nicely working alternative would be putting the subwoofer extension either left or right next to your C6 column system.

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